Able To Stand Longer

I am able to stand longer before my lower back becomes sore. My legs are stronger allowing me to move around easier.

Thomas T..

I Am Much Improved

The physical therapy has definitely been a benefit. I am much improved and will continue the exercises I’ve learned at home. The staff here is great! It has been a pleasure working with all of them.

Cathy R..

Able To Walk Longer

I walked in On the Mend with a lot of pain in my lower back, hip, shoulders and neck. I was only able to walk very, very short distances. Since physical therapy I’ve been able to walk longer without much pain. I’ve been learning how to stretch when I am home and learning what I can do and what not to do, to limit the pain. I thank the staff at On the Mend for their excellent service. My doctor was very happy with my progress.

Carmen H..

Feeling A Lot Better

I have been feeling a lot better in my lower back. My spasms have gone away. This is all because of your amazing physical therapists and all of the exercises. My back is starting to feel so much stronger as well.

Stephanie G..

Neck Is Much Better

My neck is much better. There is no more sharp pain. I am able to go back to the gym and do regular activities.

Carmen A..

Pain Has Decreased Dramatically

My pain has decreased dramatically and I can tell I’m getting stronger in my neck and upper back. I feel looser and I now know how to manage my pain. I feel great!

Daisy R..

Swelling Has Greatly Reduced

My swelling has greatly reduced on my feet and legs. This enabled me to walk through the grocery store instead of using the riding cart. I’m so happy with the results.

Ellen P..

It Was A Pleasure

It was a pleasure having my physical therapy at this location. Everyone was friendly and extremely supportive. Please keep up the amazing work you guys do! I appreciate the service and I’m gonna miss you guys.

Jazmyn F..

Pleased With The Results

I am extremely surprised & pleased with the results of my therapy. I will miss everyone!

Susan S..

Flexibility Has Improved Much

My flexibility has improved very much. My ability to do many of the exercises without severe pain has increased. The pain down my left leg has been reduced to 10% of the amount I had been experiencing.

David A..

No Pain At All

NO pain at all. On the Mend Physical Therapy worked very hard to meet my goals/health needs. They are the best in town. They care about your needs and it is a very nice place for physical therapy. Thanks. Blessing to each of them.

Rose E..

No More Back Pain

Since I’ve been doing PT, I finally have some days pain free! For about 3 years, I have had this condition where I have pain all the time — every single day with pain running to my lower back but ever since PT, no more back pain! Thank you, and thank you to my doctor for your referral.

Estella H..

My Pain Has Decreased A Lot

My pain has decreased a lot with the different exercises along with changing my routine. Sitting and standing has become zero pain.

Virginia B..

Doing Much Better

I am very satisfied with my therapy results. The staff was professional and friendly. I’m doing much better.

Mike P..

All Symptoms & Pain Have Gone Away

All symptoms and pain have gone away with physical therapy. No numbness in fingers and no pain. Thanks to the team for helping me.

Michael S.

Doing Much Better!

I am very satisfied with my therapy results. The staff was professional and friendly. I’m doing much better.

Mike P..

I Have Been Able To Start Running

I have greatly improved the mobility and flexibility from this physical therapy. I have been able to start running with only slight pain after. Walking pain is non-existent and stairs are minor inconveniences now. I would use On the Mend Physical Therapy again any day.

Daylen K..

No Problems!

When I first started I had a hard time opening a door. Now I have no problems. I learned many ways to help myself progress.

David F.

Less Pain!

Working with all of the people at On the Mend PT has been pleasure. My pain is drastically reduced and I know how to help myself, thanks to all!

George S.

Feel Younger!

Therapy enabled me to keep playing golf and do home gardening with little or no pain. Makes me feel younger!

Bob M.

Great Job!

I feel like a new person and everyone did a great job.

Annie J.

Off OTC Pain Pills!

When I first came in, I was on 1600 mg of Motrin in order to sleep at night because of my knee and back pain. After my first few visits, I was able to stop taking the Motrin and move more freely.

Terry H.

Completely Healed!

I am completely healed. My shoulder pain is gone!

Karen R.

I Can Feel My Hand Again!

I had no feeling in my left hand. Thanks to the team at On the Mend PT, I now have feeling back in my hand and know how to stretch and exercise it if the numbness returns.

Jennifer D.

I Do Not Have Any Pain!

When I stated the program at On the Mend On the Move Physical Therapy, I couldn’t turn my head to the left without pain, Now that I have completed the program I do not have any pain.

Jim R.

Great Benefits!

My Physical Therapy has great benefits with no longer any pain to my right knee.

Linda G.

Pain had gone from constant to none!

Pain had gone from constant to none! My range of motion is back to where it was before getting hurt.

Christopher H..

I no longer have back pain!

I am back to everything I want to do. I no longer have back pain!

Margaret S.

I know I’m in the right place!

I found all of the staff at On The Mend On The Move Physical Therapy, Inc -from the front office personnel, to the therapists, to the owner, to be totally accessible, great to work with and thorough with their responsibilities. Their enthusiasm to help the patient is refreshing and delightful. They follow through on what they promise and you can tell their motive is to help the patient. That’s valuable and helps you know you are in the right place!

Michele S.

No walker and no pain!

Since working with Katrina and her staff I have been able to take steps across my kitchen without my walker and with no pain!

Doris V..