At our three clinics we provide exceptional physical therapy treatments for a wide range of conditions. We offer the following outpatient programs:

Physical Therapy Treatments

Back pain and neck pain

Knee, hip and leg pain

Arthritis rehab

Lymphedema / Oncology rehab

Hand Therapy

Sports rehab

Walking / balance rehab
We often take the ability to walk for granted, until we have difficulty getting around. Our program focuses on addressing the route cause of walking and balance problems. With our comprehensive plan, you will have less pain, improved balance, and will walk with more confidence and stamina.

Industrial rehab
Industrial rehabilitation focuses on work related injuries. We assist in the rehabilitation process to allow you to return to your occupation quickly, safely and pain-free.

Encompassing neurological disorders that include strokes, multiple sclerosis, Guillian Beret’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, etc.

Encompasses many aspects that specifically affect the Baby Boomer and senior generations. These include balance deficits and fall risk assessments, cardiopulmonary disease, diabetes, strokes, general weakness, etc.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Phase III and IV: For those who have cardiopulmonary related diseases such as heart attack, bypass surgeries and congestive heart failure.
Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are able to evaluate each individual’s living space and give recommendations for pre- and post-surgical interventions.