Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate



Our Mesa Physical Therapists want to extend a warning about the upcoming heat:

As the hot weather of the summer quickly jumps all over us we want to remind everyone to stay hydrated! We all need to continue to exercise, but we need to make sure we are doing the following:
1. If you are going on a hike take at least a gallon of water, it’s also a good idea to have some reserves back in the car
2. When exercising continually take sips of water – by the time your mouth feels like the desert you are already dehydrated
3. If you go on a hike take a buddy and tell your friends where you are going.
4. Take a cell phone. Because you simply never know!

Finally our physical therapists in Mesa AZ attend to a large number of patients that were injured during sports and summer activity. In most cases the injury occurred when they were either at the end of their workout or hike or they did not stay hydrated before or during the activity. With this in mind, to help prevent injury stay hydrated!