Back Pain and why we have it?

Low back pain and neck pain are the most diagnosed issues in America and we offer physical therapy in Mesa AZ to help cure those conditions.

We continually push our bodies and many of the physical activities that we do put direct pressure on our entire spine.

Around the house we:
• pick up our children without bending our knees,
• we bend and twist when we are cooking, cleaning, fixing things in the garage,
• we work on our cars or gardens and are often bent over putting pressure on our low back

We can’t always 100% avoid these bad positions but we can do simple exercises and stretches to help reduce back pain, reduce the risk of the onset of back pain and increase our stability. Stretching each morning by simply bending over and trying to gently touch your toes can help.

Here is a simple low back exercise that you can do to help stretch your lower back and help avoid low back injuries.