Back Pain and Neck Pain




As most of us know Back Pain and Neck Pain are the most commonly diagnosed issues with the muscular skeletal system. We are always pushing the limits of our neck, back, spine. In many cases when we have a strain, pull or slight “twinge” hands on therapy, stretching and exercises will help stop it from becoming a big issue and stop it from coming back again!

Unfortunately some of us only prescribe to the products on infomercials and ice/heat rub instead of taking the time to talk with a professional. Americans spend “$BILLIONS$” each year on products that cost them more money in the long run. Many medical professionals agree that products can help with immediate relief but all medical professionals agree that hands on physical therapy help with the long term issues that a simple strain or pull can cause.

Back Pain and Neck Pain do not need to be a day in day out occurrence for you, your friends or loved ones. Let us help you and your loved ones get back to the day to day activities that they love!

We Can and Will Help!