Did you know that physical therapy is the perfect treatment for arthritis? It is gentle and handles contributing factors such as lack of movement and decreased strength. People suffer from osteoarthritis in many different joints, but it is more typically found in the knee, hip, spine, neck, hands and shoulders. Your joints require movement in many complex patterns.  Often, this range of motion is lost as a joint starts to wear down, becoming ever stiffer and tighter. By improving the mobility of the joint through hands on treatments, physical therapy can allow the joint to move more freely and with increased lubrication. In addition, gentle exercises are done to strengthen the surrounding and supportive muscles so the joint can function more normally, decreasing rubbing and irritation.

Our goal with arthritis rehab is to improve motion, increase walking (if applicable), relieve pain and restore normal function. Give us a call today to discover how we can help you. Pain-free movement starts here!