Why physical therapy


If you are experiencing pain… back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, hip pain, or pain as a result of surgery to limbs or joints, physical therapy can be extremely beneficial.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are experts in providing gentle therapeutic exercise, joint mobilization, massage (soft tissue mobilization), and neuromuscular techniques that improve your range of motion, strength, coordination and balance. We can get you back to living a pain free and active lifestyle.

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Our Focus & Philosophy

We believe that one on one physical therapy achieves results. Our focus is on fast pain relief, improved movement, increased strength and a rapid return to work and your favorite activities. Our caring and supportive staff are with you every step of the way during physical therapy.

On the Mend Physical Therapy has two offices in Mesa and one in Chandler, AZ. Stop living with pain, call to schedule a free consultation today.


“I feel like I am in control of my pain. I wish I would have come sooner for my hip pain. Did not know the pain was something I didn’t need to live with.”

Amber B.
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